VR Gun Controller: Buy The Best – The Delta Six

Step up your VR game with The Delta Six— the most realistic, most lifelike virtual reality gun controller ever developed. With a high powered actuator for serious recoil, true-to-life weight and action, and hardcore field accessories like the sniper’s bi-pod attachment, The Delta Six delivers a seamless VR experience for serious first-person shooter players.

Buy the Most Realistic VR Gaming Gun!

Spot your target. Raise your weapon. Squeeze the trigger and feel the shots ring out as you unload on the enemy. It’s like holding a real gun in your hands. Buy The Delta Six virtual reality gun and play the new VR first-person shooters like Arizona Sunshine, Hover Junkers, and Space Pirate Trainer the way they’re meant to be played.

The Delta Six VR Gun Features:
Looks, feels and performs like real gun for ultimate virtual reality gaming
High powered actuator delivers real life recoil with every shot
Point-and-shoot action brings VR FPS games to life
Auto-zoom aiming for long-range sniper shots
Game-specific coding for endless customization
Compatible with all the latest VR devices like Oculus and HTC Vive

VR and FPS: A Natural Fit (With One Exception)
Virtual reality gaming has finally come of age now that devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR (previously known as Morpheus) and Samsung Gear VR have made their debut. Gamers are finally getting the chance to climb inside their favorite games to compete within the virtual game world instead of like an outsider looking in. VR is the ultimate dream for any player, be they a hardcore gamer or just a casual weekend player.

And for as long as that dream of virtual game play has been around, gamers and developers alike all recognized the incredible potential for completely immersive, heart-poundingly intense VR first-person shooters. But there was one huge problem that always got in the way of a true virtual reality experience: the not-so-realistic controller.

As Natural As Breathing…
It’s hard to feel like you’re in a war zone fighting for your life if you’re using a standard Xbox or PS3 controller to fire your weapon. Even for standard, non-VR game play, the controller has always been an obstacle to realism. Joysticks, buttons, triggers that don’t feel anything like triggers… traditional, one-size-fits-all controllers take you out of the FPS experience.

The Delta Six solved this problem on every front. It looks like a real gun. It feels like a real gun. It acts like a real gun. Your instincts will take over—aiming, firing, reloading are all as natural as breathing. When you pull the trigger and feel the lifelike recoil pound against your shoulder, you’ll feel like you are in the game like never before. VR all about the reality. The Delta Six is as real in both look and feel as a VR gun controller can get… and it’ll make you feel like a BAMF!

The Delta Six was designed to work with all leading game consoles, including current and future virtual reality devices. It’s the best VR gun controller in the industry, and you’ll know why the moment you pick it up. Virtual reality is here… to see how real it can get, buy The Delta Six.