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“I no longer could imagine playing without it…. the hair trigger feature is awesome. This has improved my game play in all FPS's and I don't even realize it is on my controller anymore. I would suggest picking this up to anyone.” review

The Avenger Retro 360


soldThe Avenger Reflex modded controller for Xbox 360 makes your game play faster, stronger and smarter. The Avenger’s custom fit configuration designed specifically for the Xbox 360 controller improves your in-game situational awareness, accuracy, agility and reaction time because every button is now closer to your fingertips than ever before.

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Every action you need to make will be faster and crisper. Need to change weapons or reload? Do both while locking in your target at the same time. For FPS, the Avenger controller is the best there is. But beyond first-person shooters, Avenger Reflex reviews from serious gamers like you prove it’s the best custom Xbox controller adapter available today. When every second counts, play faster, play better and dominate your competition with the Avenger!

The Avenger Reflex is to stock controllers what the Corvette is to a four-cylinder station wagon. It’s faster. It’s stronger. It’s built for enthusiasts that take pride in their skill. As a modded controller, the Avenger Reflex improves your game play by boosting your speed to all buttons and triggers, while also reducing hand fatigue.

It’s precision-tuned arms deliver crisp button actuation with instantaneous response time—you’ve never played as fast as you’ll play with the Avenger strapped onto your Xbox controller. For first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Halo and Titanfall, the Avenger also allows you to reload or change your weapon as you move and aim.

Buy the Avenger Reflex controller adapter for PS4 and watch your game scores immediately improve. It’s the most powerful controller ever made, and it’s tournament legal (MLF, UMG, GFINITY, MES). If you’re a serious gamer who relies on speed and precision to be the best player in the game, you can’t play without the Avenger Reflex controller.