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“this controller provides a new gameplay experience as you will press buttons without a hassle… it boosts your reaction time and press at least five buttons simultaneously. So, the Avenger adapter is a very good accessory especially for those who play competitively.” review

Avenger XBOX ONE


The Avenger Reflex modded controller for Xbox One and Xbox Elite makes your game play faster, stronger and smarter. Experience a new level of speed and precision with the Avenger’s custom fit configuration that turns your Xbox controller into an extension of your own hands and fingers.

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The enhanced trigger system on the Avenger Reflex dramatically reduces travel time to the standard Xbox triggers, instantly boosting the speed for ADS (Aim Down Sights) and fire rate—making the Avenger Reflex far and away the best FPS controller you can buy. But beyond first-person shooters, Avenger Reflex reviews from serious gamers like you prove it’s the best overall modded Xbox controller available today. When every second counts, play faster, play better and dominate your competition with the Avenger!

What’s the problem with your stock Xbox controller? Technically, nothing, but that’s like asking what’s wrong with your mom’s old Ford Taurus. Both work, but neither are built for speed, precision or the skill of a true enthusiast. For the enthusiast, you need custom configurations, precision tuning and speed… lots of speed.

The Avenger Reflex is to video game controllers what the Corvette is to a four-cylinder station wagon. It’s faster. It’s stronger. It’s built to leave your competition in the dust. As a modded controller, the Avenger Reflex improves your game play by boosting your speed to all buttons and triggers, while also reducing hand fatigue. It’s precision-tuned arms deliver crisp button actuation with instantaneous response time—you’ve never played as fast as you’ll play with the Avenger on your Xbox controller. For first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Halo and Titanfall, the Avenger also allows you to reload or change your weapon as you move and aim.

Buy the Avenger Reflex controller adapter for Microsoft Xbox and watch your game scores immediately improve. It’s the most powerful controller ever made, and it’s tournament legal (MLF, UMG, GFINITY, MES) because there are no electronic components. If you’re a serious gamer who relies on speed and precision to be the best player in the game, you can’t play without the Avenger Reflex controller.