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“Playing Call of Duty it has been awesome easy to reload, crouch, and change weapons without taking my thumbs off the L & R sticks, I'm very happy with it” review

Avenger Custom for XBOX1 or Elite


DO THE MATH 4 + 4 = 8

By adding the Avenger adapter to the Elite controller you double your advantage. You will have an additional 4 paddles on top.

Taking your thumb off the joystick to press a button is not going to happen with this monster. The combined controller will make you UNSTOPPABLE!

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The Avenger Custom is as much art as it a feat of mechanical engineering. This version is hand crafted by the inventor David Kotkin. Each one comes with a hand signed letter of authenticity.

Custom Avenger Reflex FPS Controller Benefits

  • Greater reaction speed
  • Levers are bent closer to the fingers
  • Room for fingers because of arc of arms
  • Levers B,A use the rubber in sling shots
  • Potential energy is stored in them
  • Lightly touch them and they pop!
  • Y,X have hand crafted mini mid level lever
  • Fingers are always 1/16 inch away from X,Y
  • More Comfort, rubber padding
By adding The Custom Avenger to The Elite controller you double your advantage.The handmade advantages also work on the Xbox One non Elite.