New Halo for Xbox ONE

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What’s In Store for the New Halo for Xbox One

A teaser for the new Halo game was revealed during the Microsoft’s E3 press conference that got the fans going wild. It’s fair to say the Halo series has had a similar cultural impact among avid gamers as the Star Wars series. Slated to be ‘much more transformative’ than Halo 4, the all new Halo game will be released on Xbox 360 gaming platform, though a date is yet to be announced. Still untitled, the new Halo game has been confirmed for a 2014 release, as the producers have earmarked it as a leap in the next generation gaming.

Teaser Trailer

343 Industries revealed a teaser trailer where a caped man is walking through a desert, later revealed as our cult hero the Master Chief. The video ends with ‘Halo’ and leaves too many questions running in our head. Just eight months after the release of Halo 4 the trailer came out, but it was later announced that the game will be released in 2014, giving Halo 4 time to continue with the sales.

Concept Art

A concept art was also released by the 242 Industries on their blog, showing a rambling city and a massive UNSC ship hovering over it. The concept art depicts what will be the new location where the game will prominently be based. But then, why is Master Chief in a desert?

Additional Details

We all were expecting a sequel to be honest, after given the statement made by 343 Industries while promoting Halo 4 that it is the beginning of ‘the Reclaimer Trilogy’. For the first time in the history of the Halo franchise though, the new Halo will run at 60 frames per second, and will have dedicated servers supporting its multiplayer. Will the new Halo (let’s just call it Halo 5) become the holy grail of next gen Xbox One? We’ll just have to wait for more details. 

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