Microsoft Xbox ONE March Updates

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March update adds Dolby Digital Support to Xbox ONE

The Xbox One launched without support for Dolby Digital, one of the most anticipated features of the March system update for the Xbox One will allow the console to finally output Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound over an optical cable via bitstream. So buying those Polk headsets doesn’t seem so foolish now.

Albert Penello, director of product planning for Microsoft’s Xbox division, said before the Xbox One launch that because of a “[software] scheduling issue Dolby Digital support wouldn’t be ready in time for launch and the feature would be added via update eventually. This added support should instantly make the Xbox One compatible with a range of high end headsets from manufacturers such as Astro Gaming, Turtle Beach, and of course Polk.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One’s March update will go live before the March 11 launch of Titanfall. Good thing as this system update will also improve the console’s game invites, friends list interface, and party chat features.

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