The N-Control Avenger is the most sophisticated secret weapon in the gaming industry. When properly adjusted, The Avenger accelerates the user’s reaction time and provides advanced rapid fire capabilities, delivering the ultimate gaming advantage. The Avenger may be combined with a modded XBOX 360 controller for an added benefit in any gaming environment.

For maximum performance, observe the following guidelines when attaching the N-Control Avenger to your XBOX 360 controller:

  1. Press the release button to open The Avenger
  2. Insert the XBOX 360 controller into The Avenger’s external casing
  3. Close The Avenger (you should hear a clicking noise)
  4. Adjust the RT and LT firing straps
  5. Adjust the front triggers
  6. Adjust the B finite triggers *NOTE: On the new Elite model, X and Y arms are fixed and are no longer adjustable. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BEND THEM.
  7. Fine tune each component to achieve optimal sensitivity and precision