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Get Even with Farm 51’s Get Even

While Titanfall has been slated for long to be the next big step in first person shooter gaming, simmering under the borders is another visually intense game that has been in productions by Farm 51. Get Even is the latest video game by Farm 51 which will be released on Xbox One, Windows PC and Playstation 4, and is due to release sometime in 2015.

Thrill and Horror Combined

Get Even blends the elements of single and multiplayer gaming modes and has been described as a thriller and horror first person shooter. The game explores the memories of its main characters while you choose your own way through their memories. A trailer released by the developers showed its intense 3D scanning technology that creates real-world locations. When players go on single player missions, others can join the game as enemies, so the players will never know whether the enemy is an AI or a human.

Real World Elements

The developers of Get Even believe that there is still a lot more game developers can do content wise and creatively to create a real-world element in games. Though they do not plan to go head-to-head with the big sharks in the industry, their goal is to create a fan base. Common combat areas will include buildings, hideouts, rooms and streets and are still a work in progress. The photorealistic graphics and the advanced lighting effects are the striking features in the trailer.

The game will feature weapons that shoot around corners, which will require you to fire from safe spots. Weapons can be linked to the player’s in-game smart phone which will add a little more functionality. Farm 51 is still a relatively unknown developer, having had moderate success with Deadfall Adventures and Painkiller: Hell and Damnation. But if the trailer is true to the game, then we can expect some Get Even to give Resident Evil a run for its money. 

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