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Delta Six Gaming Controller


With the Delta Six, you finally have a controller that looks, feels and reacts just like a real gun, completing your FPS gaming experience.


It’s an Xbox gun controller, a Playstation gun controller, a PC gun controller and a VR gun controller all wrapped into one killer looking piece of hardware (pun intended).

The Delta Six is hands down the best, most realistic gun controller that is compatible with all your gaming systems, including the latest virtual reality systems.

CronusMax device is required for The Xbox One and The PS4.

Save $120 when you get it all by buying The Completionist Kit for the Ultimate all-in-one FPS gaming set-up.

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Gun Controller Accessories


The Completionist

The Completionist

Save $120

Save $170.00 by buying the The Completionist - Take your gaming experience to a whole new level.
This package includes:

The Delta Six Gaming Gun works on all modern consoles, PC and VR Systems. Below, select what type of Avenger Controller controller you want.

$549.00 Select options

Delta Six Hardcase

Delta Six Hardcase

Heavy Duty Travel Case For The Delta Six. ** The Delta Six is not included **
$69.00 Add to cart

Reflex Sight

Reflex Sight

Lithium powered laser sight for cool looks. With our rail system you can put any scope. Many people like the one shown on the website and have asked where to buy it. The answer is here!
$59.00 Add to cart

Delta Six Rail System

Delta Six Rail System

Picatinny style hard coat Anodized-Aluminum railing system. Mount your real scopes lasers or lights for more personalization.
Included to make your Delta Six even more badass!!!
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Delta Six Bipod Attachment

Delta Six Bipod Attachment

If you already own a Delta Six contact [email protected] to arrange installation.
Bipod attachment for Delta Six Game Gun Controller.
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Delta Six Left Hand Kit

Delta Six Left Hand Kit

Left handed kit for Delta Six Gaming Gun.
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Delta Six Gun Controller Features:

  • Ultra-realistic look and feel
  • High powered actuator for real life recoil
  • Realistic auto-zoom for sniper shots
  • Reloads just like a real gun with a real clip
  • All aluminum Picatinny railing system (included all models) allows for full customization with scopes,lights and lasers.
  • Switch from a sub-machine gun to an assault rifle to a sniper rifle depending on the game and your preferences
  • Game specific coding for endless customizations and possibilities
  • Puts you right in the action like no other controller can

First-Person Shooter: A Gaming Experience Like No Other

No other game-playing experience can compete with first-person shooter (FPS) games. Why? We don’t need to tell you why. You know why. The why is what keeps you up late, shooting your way through just one more battle (or maybe two). It’s more than just a game. It’s an experience. But as realistic as today’s ultra-immersive FPS games look on screen, the game-playing experience itself has been severely limited by the clunky controller you hold in your hand… until now.

Think about it: why are you playing your FPS with a controller designed for racing video games? For the most realistic first-person shooter experience, you need the Delta Six gun video game controller, designed and built specifically for the FPS games you love. The Delta Six gun is compatible with Xbox 360, Xbox One*, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4* and your PC—buy one gun controller that works with all of your gaming systems. The Delta Six is also locked and loaded and ready for the ultimate FPS game-playing experience with today’s new virtual reality (VR) gaming systems.

Don’t just play the game… Buy the Delta Six FPS gun controller and get IN the game!

Back in 1993 when Doom redefined what a video game looked and felt like, the first-person shooter video game genre was born. Since then, first-person shooters have come to dominate the market… but not because of the violence, the first-person perspective or the immersive virtual reality that offers an escape from actual reality. A lot of video games are packed with these features. FPS games, however, like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Halo and Titanfall give you something no other kind of game can: a chance to “get in the zone.”

First-person shooters are an absorbing experience. They challenge your physical game-playing skills, while also putting your mental toughness and endurance to the test. You get lost inside the world of FPS because they make the experience feel real, at least on screen. Off screen, however, the experience falls short because of one thing: the controller.

Your FPS Experience: How Realistic Do You Want It?

If you want to the ultimate gaming experience, then you have to ask yourself a few questions. Do you really want to use your thumb to move a little joystick around... or would you rather hold a realistic gun in your hands, stare down the barrel and lock in on your target? For the kill shot, would you rather push a button… or do you want to actually be able to pull the trigger and feel the recoil as you bring down your enemy? How real do you want your first-person shooter experience to feel? Do you want to just play the game… or be IN the game?

Buy the Delta Six gun controller (compatible out-of-the-box with all top gaming systems, including virtual reality) and level-up your game. And don’t forget to check out all your customization options, like the bipod stand for the ultimate sniper shooter experience.

* CronusMax device is required for The Xbox One and The PS4.