Can ESGN save Competitive Call of Duty?

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ESGN – The Holy Grail of Electronic Sports

2014 is the year of good things for gamers. Competitive gaming has provided an unpleasant experience to fans and gamers alike who try to keep up with the happenings in their favorite games. Having more than one major tournaments happening in the same week just made matters worse for teams. However, a new e-sports company called Clauf plans to eradicate this mismanagement with ESGN.

Bringing E-Sports to Mainstream

The e-sports frontier is unregulated globally. Sure you got the Major League Gaming in the US, the Gfinity in Europe, and then the developers like Valve and Riot who run e-sports leagues for their games, but it has been an untamed industry for the most part. ESGN plans get all the big boys to work together with their launch of and Their aim is to air the gaming content with collaboration of all the major leagues, and provide the fans the pleasure of viewing all the incredible happenings in the frontier.

Enhanced Communication

If you’re in the States, then you probably don’t know what’s happening in the Korean e-sports Association. That’s what ESGN aims at; providing communication between competitors and moderating a universal ranking system which will apply to every competitor. They are aiming to launch a calendar that will feature every event from the ESGN’s partners, pushing competitive gaming into mainstream content.

A World Cup of Gaming

ESGNTV will let the organizations handle their tournaments, but they will want quality production value in return, which will include news and talk shows and much more. ESGNTV also plans to supply its content on YouTube and other visual media sites. A World Cup of gaming like in FIFA is not part of the short term plans, but it is there. Let’s hope and wait for the first show to be aired soon to see how the masses react to this big step in the gaming industry. 

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