Call of Duty Championships

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Call of Duty Championship Announced

Xbox presents the Call of Duty Championship in association with Major League Gaming (MLG), Gfinity and ACL Pro and makes its return to LA from 28 to 30th March. The championship will host the best 32 teams from all the world competing for the grand prize of $1million and more importantly, the ‘World Champions’ title. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty action, then you can watch it live on www.MLG.TV or through Xbox Live!

Tournament Details

Teams will go through online qualifiers, followed by regional finals around the globe. The teams in the US can register for two online competitions, with only eight top teams qualifying for the MLG Call of Duty Championship US Regional Final on 8th and 9th of March in Florida. These eight top teams will then go for the Call of Duty Championship in California, competing for the big prize and to be named as ‘World Champions’.

Tournament Dates

  • Jan 18th               United Kingdom/Ireland Pre Qualifier #1
  • Jan 19th               Germany Pre Qualifier #1
  • Jan 19th               France Pre Qualifier #1
  • Jan 25th               United Kingdom/Ireland Pre Qualifier #2
  • Jan 26th               Germany Pre Qualifier #2
  • Jan 26th               France Pre Qualifier #2
  • Feb 1st                 United States Pre Qualifier #1
  • Feb 1st                 New Zealand Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 2nd                                Italy Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 2nd                                Spain Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 2nd                                Australia Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 8th                 United States Pre Qualifier #2
  • Feb 8th                 Rest of Europe including Russia Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 9th                 Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Finland Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 9th                 Rest of North America/South America Championship Qualifier
  • Feb 15th              South Korea Championship Qualifier
  • Feb 15th              Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore Championship Qualifier
  • Feb 15th              Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg Pre Qualifier
  • Feb 15th              Canada Championship Qualifier #1
  • Feb 16th              Brazil Championship Qualifier #1
  • Feb 16th              United Arab Emirates Championship Qualifier
  • Feb 22nd             Canada Championship Qualifier #2
  • Feb 22nd             South Africa Championship Qualifier
  • Feb 23rd              Brazil Championship Qualifier #2 

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