Avenger Reflex Press Release

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Avenger Advantage LLC. Announces the Avenger Reflex™ Controller Adapter. New Controller Features a Stream Lined Design and Bionic Edge Integration To Give A Competetive Advantage On The Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 Consoles.

MIAMI–(Business Wire)–Dec. 21, 2013– Avenger Advantage LLC. (“Avenger Controller”) announced the Avenger Reflex. Expected to ship in Q1 2014, the Avenger Reflex improves on the critically acclaimed design of its predecessor the Avenger Elite Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3. New features include a streamlined design, Integrated Bionic Edge, Improved arm configuration, and a new trigger design for tournament legal rapid fire capabilities.

The newest addition to the range of controller enhancing systems, the Avenger Reflex will continue to give gamers a competitive edge in titles like Activision’s Call of Duty Ghosts, Bungie’s Destiny, EA’s Battlefield 4, Titanfall, FIFA 14, Madden 2014, and NBA 2O14. By allowing gamers to preform critical button combinations in game without having to remove your thumbs from the analogs. All while offering an enhanced rate of fire and quick-scoping capabilities with its new trigger design.

“The Avenger Elite Controller System has proven to be a necessary addition to the hardcore gamers arsenal. We are excited to extend the brand into gaming on the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 gaming consoles with a superior product that combines powerful features with amazing design,” said David Kotkin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Avenger Advantage LLC.. “We believe the Reflex fits perfectly with our commitment to designing revolutionary products for passionate gamers looking to gain that competetive edge.”

The Avenger Reflex features stream lined and fine tuned arms for crisp button actuation with an instant response an incorporated Bionic Edge fused into the Avenger Reflex housing. Allowing gamers to activate the button with a gentle squeeze of the palm. An enhanced trigger system allows gamers to remove unnecessary travel time in the triggers allowing for instantly improved ADS (Aim Down Sights) speed and increased fire rates.  

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