Avenger Controller Benefits & FAQs

What is the Avenger?
The Avenger is a cover that mounts over your existing OEM controller. The Avenger through the design of its actuating arms allows you to access A,B,X,Y, without having to remove your thumbs from the analog sticks. The Avenger also uses unique sensitivity adjustment screws to individually set the button sensitivity to the users preference. Also through the use of the trigger skids you can remove the dead space form the triggers allowing for hair trigger sensitivity for Quickscoping and Tournament Legal Rapid Fire.

Why Not Just Buy A 3rd Party Controller?
Quite simply. The build quality. Official Microsoft and Sony PS3 controllers are the best. Sure 3rd party controllers look and may even feel similar none can endure like an Official MS controller. Small things begin to add up. Dead bands in analog range soft buttons, etc. Eventually the money you “save” on these 3rd party controllers is diminished by a more frequent replacement rate. Don’t believe us take a look at these reviews on popular 3rd Party controllers on the Market.

Why Not Buy a Tournament Controller?
There are a few companies out there that through a cooperation with several tournament organizations have been authorized to have their “modified” Microsoft Controllers allowed in tournament play. These controllers are almost identical in function to the Avenger but cost 100-300% more!!!!! for a controller that does the exact same thing? Seems a bit silly don’t it? Especially since if this controller breaks or is damaged outside of the warranty you’re out that money. With an Avenger your controller breaks just put the Avenger on another controller no extra 200.00 required.

Is the Avenger Tournament Legal?
Yes it is. The Avenger Controller System is a cover that goes over your existing controller to give you some good old mechanical advantage. It is legal to use at all major tournaments MLG, UMG, Gfinity, EGL, WCS, I series, Reflex, UGC, ACL, and many more.

What games can I use the Avenger on?
While the Avenger seems to be the best FPS accessory for games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, and Gears of War it can also be very beneficial in games for any genre like NHL,NBA, Madden, FIFA, Ridge Racer, Need for Speed, Killer Instinct, and Mortal Kombat for example.

Is There a Learning Curve?
Some can grab it out of the box and adjust right away. Others it can take a few hours of game time. On average though 45minutss to an hour of gaming is enough to adapt. Very similar to any other controller with a few extra buttons. We understand it may not be for everyone and that’s why we offer a unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.